Sunday, 3 June 2012

An Otter Holt and a Red Squirrel

Our rangers have been busy installing an otter holt in a bankside by the river.  The holt consists of a pre-formed square plastic chamber with two separate entrances vice rigid plastic pipes.  The holt was dug into the bankside and completely covered with the excavated soil - lots of strenuous digging and back-filling but well worth the effort if it provides a safe haven for the elusive but charming otter.

Plastic chamber for otter holt

Ranger Vicky digs hole for chamber

Ranger Phil digs channel for second pipe

I set up a motion sensored video camera overlooking a badger sett recently having scattered a handful of peanuts around one of the entrances.  Footage was captured of a pair of badgers and also an inquisitive fox but the highlight was a short sequence of a red squirrel - proof at least that these delightful squirrels are still present at Gibside.