Thursday, 30 April 2015

Bursting Buds

Spring is a wonderful time of the year with the warmer days heralding the onset of spectacular floral displays.  Many woodland plants produce their flowers early in the year, capturing the sun's light and energy, before the leaves grow on the trees blocking it out.  Look out for carpets of wood anemones, sorrel, lesser celandine and bluebells; all are a common sight at this time of the year.

Primroses on woodland floor

Not as conspicuous, but just as spectacular however, can be the flowers produced by many of the trees themselves.  Check out some of those shown below and then next time you take a walk through the woods take time to enjoy not just the floral displays of the woodland floor but those on the trees also.

Flowers of Ash Tree

Flowers of Horbeam Tree

Flowers of Elm Tree

Flowers of willow tree