Friday, 21 October 2011

Landscape Conservation Volunteers

Dave at work - coppicing

19 October 2011

Today, equipped with loppers and bow saws, the Landscape Conservation team thinned out willows and birches around the Octagon Pond and removed Turkey oaks and sycamores in order to improve the vista. Branches and tree cuttings were used to build up the nearby dead hedge. These hedges are strategically placed to prevent public access to sensitive areas around the pond and also to provide habitat and hibernation areas for wildlife. We had our coffee break in bright sunshine watching a red kite being mobbed by crows. There being a dozen of us, the job was finished by lunchtime.
Coffee Break
Phil Younger with strimmer
Tony and Dave
After eating our packed lunches - in sunshine again - at the Stables, we headed off towards West Woods clearing brash from the edges of the track as we went. The silence was broken by the calls of a pair of buzzards high above us.

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