Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fire Raising Part 2

Wednesday 8th February 2012

It was a pretty chilly -4o Celsius when Mike & I arrived at Gibside this morning. We therefore had no hesitation in volunteering to go back to the West Woods turning circle and burning the branches which had been left last week.

We set off at a brisk pace equipped with a pair of loppers, a bow saw and a pitchfork. On arrival we collected some dried grasses, dried pieces of conifer and small twigs ready to begin our bonfire. We had more success this week and quickly had a good fire going (it’s all in the preparation as Phil Younger would say).
Sun shining on the frozen ground

A good going fire.

By lunchtime we had burnt everything that needed burning. So, after lunch, we looked for some tasks to occupy us whilst the fire was dying down.
Winter sun shines through the Scots Pines

We had been sitting on a large log whilst eating our lunch and noticed that the surrounding area was rather untidy with lots of conifer braches which had been dumped. So we set about clearing the area, smaller branches being added to the remains of the bonfire and larger branches together with other large branches and logs were used to create a log pile in the woods nearby. This will provide a useful habitat for various small mammals or reptiles.

Mike adds another branch to the log pile.
The log pile
Bracket Fungus
A productive day complete, we waited for Phil to arrive with some water to douse the remaining embers, and then headed off for home. The temperature had risen to "balmy" 0o Celsius!
The dying embers

Phil Coyne

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