Thursday, 19 April 2012

Is it a Frog or a Toad? Amphibian Education Session

The sun was still shining as we headed up to the Bowes Room at the Stables on Tuesday evening. En- route we had sightings of a greater spotted woodpecker, a pheasant and a jay.

Amongst other things, Gibside is home to the common frog, the common toad, the common newt, the not so common great crested newt and the palmate newt.

After a cup of tea and a biscuit we were treated to a very informative talk given by the National Trust’s and Gibside’s own amphibian and reptile expert, John Grundy. This was followed by a hands-on practical session on amphibian identification and a walk out to the Octagon Pond to try out our newly acquired skills.

Fishing for newts
What's this one then?

Now where are they hiding?

Hopefully, Gibside volunteers should now be able to tell them apart, when they can find them, that is.

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