Friday, 4 May 2012

Tree Planting at Snipes Dene

Wednesday 2nd May 2012

Snipes Dene has been cleared of non-native conifers, and our task today was to plant out oak saplings (over 100!), 1 small beech tree, 2 hazels and 2 willows.
The first task was to load up the plant pots containing the saplings onto the truck and then it was off to Snipes Dene.

Dave digs a hole
The oaks were planted 5 to 10 metres apart, the beech was planted near to the road (well it was in a large, heavy pot!), the hazels were planted on top of a mound and the willows were planted near to the stream.

One of the planted oak saplings

After a quick lunch back at the Pontop shed we loaded up the final 34 oak saplings and headed back to Snipes Dene to finish off the task.  
Bugles (Ajuga replans) in Snipes Dene

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  1. I think even the work was actually hard it gives you a moment of satisfaction of what you've done to save the earth and the environment. I never saw such trees and beautiful plants except in pictures and the internet. Snipes Dene is very lucky to have folks like you there.