Thursday, 10 January 2013

A Return to Reality

Wednesday 9th January 2013

A sunny day with a light covering of frost.
A Frosted Leaf

A new year and the first task of 2013 for the conservation group was to strim and rake grass and bracken on the bank above the Lily Pond.

The rakers looked on whilst the 2 volunteers with the strimmers set about cutting back the long grass and bracken. Using petrol driven strimmers (oh for the gentle swish of a scythe), they had soon managed to cut enough for the rest of the team to begin raking. Piles of grass and bracken soon built up and were then transported into the adjacent woods (it may be a new year but some things never change!) to form habitat for grass snakes and other wildlife.
Strimmers reflected in Lily pond

Hard at work strimming
Good teamwork today ensured an early finish. The team have a week to prepare themselves for next week’s visit to the seaside for some construction work.
Common Earthball
Lichen on tree stump (Cladonia sp.)

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