Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Work of Art?

Wednesday 6th February 2013

Another cold day; 2o C with a chilling, northerly breeze, just the right sort of weather to be clearing branches and brash. Once again the conservation team found themselves tasked with brash clearing and building of log piles. The area on the outskirts of West Woods must be ready for new tree planting by the end of the month.

The Team at Work
Collecting brash

Some log piles were planned with great precision. After placing a base layer all aligned in one direction a second layer was added at 90o to the first but leaving a small gap in the centre, then adding another layer parallel to the first layer. This created a small chamber area in the centre of the pile for small mammals etc. Some of the gaps were then filled with smaller brash.
A Work of Art? - A possible Turner Prize contender?
- It's not bad enough commented one wag.

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