Thursday, 30 May 2013

Badgers caught on camera

I have been capturing images of badgers feeding for over a year now. I have only seen two badgers, probably a sow and boar, who are travelling at night to feed. Badgers are omnivores and eat a wide variety of food including: earthworms, insects, frogs, small reptiles, small mammals, small birds, berries and seeds.

As well as being unfussy about their food, badgers' table manners leave a lot to be desired;  they forage for food with their snouts, and constantly sniff the ground ahead of them. You can see at the end of this film that the badger’s snout is very dirty from all of this snuffling about. 

On the footage you will also be able to see a good image of the badgers' feet and their powerful non-retractable claws. At this time of year any cubs that might be in a badger’s clan will be starting to get more adventurous, leaving the sett and exploring further afield, so I’m hopeful that we may catch a glimpse of the cubs on camera too.

There is a surprise guest at the end of the film, see if you can spot him.

Thanks for watching.

Rob Warr, National Trust Ranger

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