Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Leaves, Leaves and Western Hemlock

November and December 2013

Wednesdays in November and December were largely dry working days for the conservation team; and it wasn’t all raking up fallen leaves – it just seemed that way!

Our first task at the beginning of November was coppicing at The Octagon Pond, using the cut branches to form some dead hedging. Then it was off to Snipes Dene to pull up western hemlock saplings.

A Dead Hedge next to Octagon Pond

Candle Snuff Fungus

Western Hemlock Saplings

The first task on 13th November was turning over the bark chippings in the children’s play area at Strawberry Castle. This was followed by, yes you guessed correctly, pulling up western hemlock saplings, this time in the Hollow Walk area.

Some of the Team at Work

Leaf Clearing 4th December

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