Friday, 30 January 2015

Tracks in the Snow

by Andrew Mawer, Assistant Ranger Volunteer 

Snow. Love it or hate it, one of the things it's really great for is preserving animal tracks. Many of our native mammals can be hard to spot when out for a walk as they're either small, elusive or nocturnal. Whilst out and about in the recent wintery weather, our Rangers came across a huge number of tracks in the estate woodlands and luckily had a camera on hand to take a few snaps.

Footprints of a brown hare

Pheasant footprint

Roe deer slots

Squirrel footprints

Badger footprints.  Badgers have five toes

Another set of badger prints (top) alongside fox prints (bottom)

If you get a chance to visit Gibside in the snow, spend a bit of time checking the ground to discover the fantastic wildlife that calls the estate home.

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