Thursday, 25 February 2016

Yellow Peril – High-vis Wednesday

24th February 2016

After last week’s rather damp Wednesday, where a few hardy souls from the conservation team spent the day clearing a patch of rhododendrons near the Lily Pond; today the weather reverted to type, bright sunshine and blue skies but cold.

Piles of bark chippings ready for spreading.

The small group of volunteers donned high-vis jackets and armed with wheelbarrows, shovels and rakes set off for the Strawberry Castle Play Area. The task for the day was to spread out bark chippings over the play areas. The whole play area is being upgraded and contractors were on site with earth moving machinery – hence the need for high-vis jackets.

The finished job.

Loading up the wheelbarrows from the large piles of bark chippings and spreading them over the play areas soon had us warmed up. By lunchtime our supply of bark chippings had run out, so after a short break it was back off to continue the deforestation of the rhododendrons by the Lily Pond – a seemingly never ending task!

The cleared areas.

Not yellow peril but early primroses.

Phil Coyne

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