Monday, 28 March 2016

Strawberry Castle - Part 2

Wednesday 23rd March 2016

Contrary to the wishes expressed by my colleague in last week’s blog we did not have a bonfire this week.

Wot no bonfire!
Our work party consisted of 3 volunteers and the task allotted to us was to return to the Strawberry Castle play area for more relocation of bark chippings.

The team survey the work

The first task completed.

The first task was to level out the bark chippings below one of the swings, and then it was on to the greater task of creating a pathway of wood chippings between some of the play areas. Wood chippings were loaded into wheelbarrows and transported to the area marked out by large logs and a semicircle of large stones. Once deposited the chippings were raked into a neat footpath. When finished the idea is to allow children to move between the various play areas without getting muddy.


Half completed
Relocating wood chippings

The finished article

 A water feature has been created. This comprises a water pump at one end perched on a bed of rocks. Water can be pumped down channels and at the opposite end is an Archimedes screw which pumps the water back up. The whole area is surrounded by sand, children will love this play feature. We did notice footprints in the sand which indicated that the first visitors to the site had been badgers!

Water Pump
Badgers were here first!

 On my walk back to the car park before leaving I had to stop and admire the work being done bay those hardy souls Ruth and John, who once again were stood in water repairing a stone wall along the edge of the Leapmill Burn.
Ruth and John repair the wall along the edge of Leapmill Burn

 Phil Coyne

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