Saturday, 4 March 2017

Ha-ha it's no joking matter

15th February: Mist clung to the trees in Parkfields as the team headed off to one of our least favoured tasks – clearing leaves from the Ha-ha along the side of The Avenue.
Mist in Parkfields
Ha-ha full of leaves

Inspecting the job.

Blue tits chirped in the oak trees above our heads as we set about our task; it was hard work and in places very muddy. As the mist burned off in the early morning sunshine three red kites wheeled over Parkfields, it’s always a delight to see them.   Our peace was only disturbed by the buzz of a chainsaw which was being used by a team of tree surgeons felling a magnificent beech tree just outside the Walled Garden. Why was this magnificent tree being felled? Well, unfortunately it was infected with a fungus(Meripilus giganteus) as well as with Honey fungus(which was only discovered after it was felled), which could have put the tree at risk of falling – a risk to visitors (and staff) and to the wall of the Walled Garden.
Tree surgeon at work
Almost done

The team hard at work

Leaves were left in piles on the edge of the Ha-ha to be removed later.
Inspecting in the sunshine

22nd February: We were back in the Ha-ha again, this time at the far end of the avenue near to the Hollow Walk, a much muddier environment. On this occasion we bagged and disposed of the collected leaves ourselves.
Ha-ha with leaves
Disposing of the leaves

Cleared, muddy Ha-ha
Roll on spring!

Phil Coyne & Steve Wootten

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