Thursday, 1 December 2011

Surveys 1

We have mentioned surveys in earlier posts. So what do we survey, you might ask? Well just about anything to do with nature and wildlife.

Wild Flowers and Plants
 There are important wild flower meadows at Gibside. These provide habitat for many species of insect, which in turn are an important part of the food chain for birds, bats and other mammals. The wild flower meadows are carefully managed to maintain this important food chain.
Meadow flowers in front of Gibside Hall


Typical meadow flowers - Lady Haugh

Ox-eye daisies on Lady Haugh
We record which plants are in flower at various locations around the estate, a grid reference for the location and numbers of each species. Below are some examples of the various flowers and plants we have recorded.


Common Dog Violet

Ragged Robin


Red Clover

Water Avens

Several species of orchid may be found at Gibside.

Common Spotted Orchid

Lower plant forms are also recorded (Horsetails, Ferns and Bracken).


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