Friday, 2 December 2011

Surveys 2 - Fungi

There are many different species of fungi which can be seen at Gibside. They pop up in the many woodland areas on the estate as well as on the meadows and other grassed areas.

Fly Agaric
The Fly Agaric (above) is one of the most easily recognised fungi. This one popped up in the woods next to the Hollow Walk. It may be pretty, often depicted in children's books and greeting cards,but it is poisonous.

Common Puffball

Shaggy Ink Cap

Sulphur Tuft

Verdigris Toadstool

Common Earthball
Stinkhorn - very aptly named!
Amethyst deceiver
Gibside is a very important site for one particular class of fungi – the waxcaps.
What are waxcaps? Waxcaps are fungi belonging to the genus Hygrocybe. In Europe they are found in a variety of nutrient-poor grasslands which are either grazed or mown. There has been a dramatic loss of waxcap grasslands across Europe due to the intensification of agriculture, especially in lowland areas.

H. Ceracea - Butter Waxcap

H. Ceracea - Butter Waxcap

Hygrocybe psittacina - the parrot waxcap.

Hygrocybe psittacina - the parrot waxcap.
H. coccinea - Scarlet Hood
H. Pratensis - Meadow Waxcap
H. virginea - Snowy Waxcap

H. nigrescens - Blackening Waxcap

H. Calyptriformis - Pink Waxcap

H. Punicea - Crimson Waxcap

The field in front of Gibside Hall is a good site for waxcaps in autumn.

Other types of fungi which can be seen at Gibside are the spindle fungi.

Violet Coral Fungus can be found on The Avenue bank

Jelly Antler Fungus

clavaria fumosa - smoky spindles

And let's not forget bracket fungi, these are shelf or bracket-shaped fungi which grow on trees (both living and dead). Many different types are found within the Gibside Estate. An example of a particularly colourful one is shown below, this was found on a tree stump on Warren Haugh.

Turkeytail (also known as the Many-Zoned Polypore), Trametes versicolor.

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